10 June 2012

SENT OUT: One Postcard with Four Tales

There is no requirement in the writing of a fictional correspondence that a postcard must be only fictional.  The making of these things is entirely a matter of what the author feels like at the moment.  For instance, the postcard below which I recently sent off.

On its back is a pleasant note to a very real friend.  She had written me of late, on a very odd stationery; "paper" that was actually made of plastic.  I was replying to thank her for an article she'd sent and to comment on a book she had recommended and that I had finally obtained in hardcover.  

Aside:  It is my belief that good books ought to be read in their finest form which, to me, is a cloth-bound item with exceptionally good quality paper for its pages.  I have used PC Kindle to read and find it unsatisfying mostly because a laptop screen is ill-configured, ergonomically and optically, for recreational reading.  I hope, someday, to try a real Kindle -- or Nook -- and then see what I think of ebookery.*

On the front of the postcard I have taken the opportunity to record four different tales - or implications that might form tales.

Tale 1 (bottom of frame):  Left disconsolate by the herd's rejection of his time-travel roller skates invention, Tycho sought a solitary refuge deep within the forest unaware his future selves hovered nearby. (Thereby disproving the time travel paradox of meeting oneself.)

Tale 2 (top of frame ):  The trees, whose lifespans could be measured in millennia, had heard it all before and felt sympathy for the young therapod.

Tale 3 (left of frame): [The forest was a silent place.]

Tale 4 (right of frame):  [In future eras, the red moss would be used to dye the court robes of royalty.]

*  My day job sees me using a computer quite a bit, however, so leisure reading on a machine does not appeal to me aesthetically.
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