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Dante's Wardrobe is the art/creative blog of J.A. Jablonski (aka Jude Jablonski), writer, poet, artist, one-time academic librarian, library and information sciences professor, literature and writing instructor, and independent scholar.

She/Her/Them/They | Honorifics: Dr/Ms/Mx

My author website is here: J.A. Jablonski.com | Contact Me 


A long-time academic (professor and librarian) in the humanities and social sciences, I have served (and would have happily dismantled certain aspects of) eight different universities, private and public.. 

Writing: I have taught professional and academic writing to undergraduate, Master's, and doctoral students. I've also taught (1) the thinking and writing of literary criticism in the context of SFF courses at several universities and (2) how to write all types of academic article abstracts. 

Artist Writing/Work
  • Dante’s Wardrobe (this longtime art/literary blog)
  • Fictional Correspondences  
    • What: 125 fictional letters (from 125 different characters) delivered in the character of a postal carrier whose transportation was a flying equine.

      Included the creation of stationery, handwriting/fonts, odd envelopes and postage for all said letters in addition to a singular, fantastical gift package for each attendee (19 children, ages 8-14).

    •  When: Part of a one-day LARP "wizarding event


Current fiction works in progress

  • A character-driven, ensemble cast, modern academic literary mystery set on a college campus located in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Its themes are control, broken and healing hearts, found family, and queer normalization. The book is part of a planned series.You can read more about it at my author website here.
  • A collection of short stories/flash fiction on the notion of The Muse.


Back burner fiction works in progress

  • A science fiction novel about competing factions of socio-anthropologists facing the necessity of co-existence following an interplanetary system calamity. The cast of characters includes queer and ASD persons and two interdependent, non-human sentient species. 
  • A fantasy/realism illustrated book about a synesthesic young person who meets a one-eyed peer with rather unusual abilities.

    You can read more about my SF/Magical Realism work at my author website here


Professional Writings

  • A PhD dissertation
  • Writing@APUS (co-lead & major content provider)
  •  Numerous scholarly book indexes.
  • Technical writing (user manuals, print & video tutorials).

    You can read more about my professional work at my author website here.

(c) Dante's Wardrobe 2022 by J.A. Jablonski

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