14 March 2014

Typewriters in the Wild

Friend and creative colleague Hoja and I made a pilgrimage recently to Antiques on Second here in Milwaukee. This turn of the century brush factory boasts "37,000 square feet on three floors showcasing items from one hundred and fifty dealers." 

While my need to amass more typewriters has quieted, the joy of seeing the machines has not. And a recent acquisition of a newish smartyphone with a much better camera than its predecessor has made it possible to cheer my Typospherian's heart with mere images. 

Here's what we saw. Except for the modernish something peeking out of its case, priced at $45, all the machines were consistently priced at $69.95. Apparently this is the going rate in Milwaukee these days. 

I must confess the orange one did tempt me as it was small and solidly built. But not the color . . . no, not orange, not for me.  And there was something else. Not a typewriter and I know not what it was. It's last on the page here. If anyone knows what it is, please comment?



Looks like a machine to record on wax cylinders,
but too modern somehow. Anyone know?

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