15 December 2010

Yule Be Fine

Photos by me.

Best Holiday Wishes to all and sundry ~ and may the New Year grace you with adventures, opportunity, and unsuspected fun.  See you again in 2011!

14 December 2010


I am a nut for all things round: planets, lightbulbs, pearls, globes, any sort of round sport ball; you name it.  No doubt there is something deeply mystical about the perfection of roundness.  But it's just fun to see a round thing.

(handmade mudballs)

Info on how to make these can be found at this link and at this one.

Phone Dials



Making of

10 December 2010

Beauty From Afar

Every now and then an image takes my breath away!

Glacier Park, MT: Apgar Mountain

06 December 2010

Funny, to me at least

I won't presume that the comics I like are liked by others.  Here are a few that I find regularly amusing. (p.s.  Please note: These are not necessarily "for kids." )

[from the Wondermark website] "Wondermark is created from 19th-Century woodcuts and engravings, scanned from my personal collection of old books and also from volumes in the Los Angeles Central Library. Most of the books are bound volumes of general-interest magazines such as Harper’s, Frank Leslie’s and Punch, but my collection also includes special-interest magazines such as Scientific American, Sears-Roebuck catalogs, storybooks, and primers."

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