08 April 2020

Sequestering Arts | Series Reset

Elegant old world theater
Grand Stage | Link/Info below

UPDATE (5/30/2020): My original plan was to create a themed set of links every other week. Because I am finding many great, but unrelated resources, the category approach isn't working. So, I will be updating this series to be a bi-monthly list of wonderful and varied links. The series will return, new and improved, on Sunday May 31, 2020.

The series can be accessed via the image link at left or this link.


What is/are Sequestrian Arts?
 With the world in lockdown due to Covid-19 (link to the CDC info site), many people are stuggling, practically, emotionally, and creatively. As a long-time creative & librarian I thought I might be able to help by doing what I do best: finding/sharing information. Below is the first of a series I will be developing on the Sequestering Arts. The notion is to provide links to interesting, comforting, & creative online resources that you can explore & enjoy while home- or place-bound.

Here's what I have in mind going forward:

Part 1 will cover theater, dance, and musc.
Part 2 (forthcoming) will cover podcasts, virtual tours, reading resources, & quieting/meditation resources.
Part 3 (forthcoming) will cover cookery, kid stuff, & crowd sourced information projects.
Part 4 (forthcoming) will cover travel literature & open web culural resources.
Part 5 & onward, as is needful.

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