23 November 2021

Mirror, Mirror - A New Website While Still Making Here


Against a backdrop image of pine trees silhouetted against a starry night sky are 4 rectangular images: top box text reads "J.A. Jablonski Writer." Three same sized boxes below are identified as "Writings - Professional" "Writings - Mystery" and "Writings - SF & Magical Realism." The website URL is posted at the bottom: jajablonski.com

Today I launched my author website. It's been a very long time in the making. Not the website specifically, though that was it's own adventure. I speak of my latest incarnation as an author.

The bulk of my writing has been professional, much of it in-house or published under institutional or organizational bylines.

While my doctoral dissertation and this artist blog, Dante’s Wardrobe have my name on it, many other publications do not. I was the co-lead and major content provider for Writing@APUS, the author of user manuals and technical presentation guides for a major professional and scientific organization and several universities, the promotional writer and designer for an alternative health care provider and a singer-songwriter, a guest blogger for an academic marketing site, and the creator of scholarly book and journal indexes. And I have taught in both the humanities and social sciences, having written the syllabi, lectures, video tutorials and text-based instructionals for undergrad, master's, and doctoral courses in professional and academic writing, science fiction and fantasy literature, information organization, and database indexing.

But I've been a storyteller/maker for as long as I can remember. Telling and making go hand-in-hand; in part, because my family are all natural storytellers who are also creatively talented, e.g., fine artists, wood crafters, writers, urban planners, calligraphers, automotive repair and paint artists, photographers, and clothing, costume, theater set designers. I myself have been a graphic designer, award-winning display window and exhibits designer, fictional letter writer, live-action role playing actor, theater designer and seamstress/sewist.

I am currently writing in three different genres (mystery, speculative SF, and magical realism) while trying to still keep one foot in the academic scene by researching material culture in utopian fiction. My pronouns are she/her/them/they; my honorifics are Dr/Ms/Mx.

Going forward, I will use this blog to report on my artistic work and interests. The Cool Books series will transfer to my author blog under the new title of Book Thoughts

I am so excited to be launching into this new work and thinking space. I hope you will visit me in both. 




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