20 June 2012

Another Sneak Preview: What's Needed for an Outdoor Type-In

Emblem of my character for the day:
Professor Remington

I'm laughing and grinning like crazy in anticipation of this coming Saturday's Summer Solstice Type-In!  If you're in the Madison, WI vicinity, check out the area across the street from the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.  I am told things commence around 4pm.  What exactly "things" are is unknown to me, so you'll probably want to bring a picnic lunch and plenty of sun and bug spray.  

Here's what I'll be bringing
(not including the costume, wig, biz/info cards,
and copies of the Typewriter Insurgency Manifesto as a handout)!
And for those of you who can't make it, look for a blog report here soon after!

Check out this website - Procession of the Species - to see what else is going on nearby.


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