02 June 2012

Two Siblings, Two Packages, Two Letters

I have some pen friends, actually a kind of pen friend family.  We send each other goofy postcards and miscellaneous stuff now and then.  I thought it would be fun to make up some 'perfect postal packages' like the ones I made for last Summer's wizarding event.  I made them for the two daughters.  

What is always fun is trying to match the package to the person.  Last Summer I knew the gender and ages of the kids involved, along with a few comments for a few of them. Mostly I had to guess, but I seem to have a knack there. 

For these two young ladies, I asked some specific questions of their parents.  Based on what I got back, I decided that one package would be from a magical universe and the other from a fantastical, expeditionary universe. 

The packages were sent secretly several weeks ago.  Monday, I hear, they were delivered and very much appreciated.  My knack for matching package to person held true, I am told; the gals were delighted.  Here are some pics of what I sent.  As this one is a private fictional correspondence, I won't go into detail on the letters except for an excerpt from each.

From a Wizardly Professor

From a Traveling Explorer

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