28 May 2011

Magic Contained

Ollivander's Wand Shop at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
at Universal Orlando

An important day for a new wizarding student is the day she/he gets her wand.  In the movies, one goes to Ollivander's Wand Shop, where the wands lie in boxes stacked to the ceiling.  In our Summer Wizarding Event, where our space is small and, more importantly, we are creating our own wizardly world; selecting a wand will have a more personal aspect to it.

I've promised not to show specific/identifying pics until after Event Day (which is in July), so I cannot give a lot of details yet about the wand ceremony.  But I can say the wands are being hand-crafted on the lathe by my brother WoodCrafter.  And instead of a box, each wand will have its own lined, velvet pouch accompanied by the business card of the Wand Maker.

Here's the design I made in Word (using an image of a wand I found on Google Images):

And here is the first wand pouch, hot off the press, er. . . sewing machine. ;-) (The fabric I used for them was a remnant piece that was several yards long but only 6.5 inches wide.  So the wand pouches are a little skinnier than I would like them to be!)  The dowel in the pics is just that, a wooden dowel.  The wands themselves will be much fancier.

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