03 May 2011

It's Bird Watching Time!

Last June I'd posted about one of the Glacier Park web cams.  The park folks saw that a pair of birds was making a nest right outside their office window and trained one of their cameras on it.  Sadly, a predator got to the nest one night.  The parent birds abandoned it.  (I saw the largest crow ever poking around a nest located under the eaves of our next-door-neighbor's porch the other morning.  Now I know why that nest was abandoned too.)

In Pittsburgh, where Beloved Spousal Unit and I lived a few years, there are two nesting pairs of peregrine falcons.  One pair resides at the top of the dramatic and architecturally curious Cathedral of Learning.  The other is at the Gulf Tower.  Both have web cams and we've enjoyed watching them for several seasons now.  Here are the links:

The Cathedral of Learning FalconCam:

The Gulf Tower Cam

And the ospreys have returned to their nest at Glacier Park as well.  This web came sends regularly renewed still shots rather than live feed. Link: http://www.nps.gov/glac/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm

The Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
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