12 September 2012

A Wee Herbiary

I've always been quite fond of the Cadfael Chronicles, a mystery series by Ellis Peters (pen name of linguist and scholar, Edith Pargeter)Her writing is especially well-crafted.  Her ability to evoke place, time, and a very solid reality brings this reader inside the stories in a very powerful way.  

One key location throughout the books is Brother Cadfael's herb garden and work shed (located within the grounds of the fictionalized version of the historically real Shrewsbury Abbey).  Peters describes the workmanlike setting Cadfael has built for himself.  Visitors to his little haven are always struck by the redolent scents of the drying herbs and medicinal concoctions Cadfael creates.

Shrewsbury Quest Garden

Whilst I hope to someday visit Wales and tour the Shrewsbury Abbey grounds, this summer I've created my own little version of Cadfael's herbiary. The waves of very high heat during this summer's growing season prevented my  porch garden from growing very tall.  But the harvest was a good one.  Thanks to my Beloved Spousal Unit, who came up with the idea for how I might hang the herbs to dry, our living room now smells wonderfully of thyme and mints.

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