02 April 2012

FICTIONAL CORRESPONDENCES: What are they? Why do one? How to begin.

Today begins an intermittent series on the creation of Fictional Correspondences.  Future posts will show-n-tell about starting one; making "really real" letters; creating faux postage, letterhead and other stationery, and envelopes; how to mail a fictional letter or package; and so on.  Posts will be detailed with specific how-to info, links, and creative ideas.

These pages are from a brochure I designed and wrote in 1994 for the original Dante's Wardrobe and then revised for this past summer's wizarding event. I thought they would be a fine introduction to the Fictional Correspondences series. (Apologies for the slightly out-of-focus nature of the screenshots.)

If you have any questions or ideas to contribute as we go along, please feel free to comment below or send snail mail to the address listed on the image  above.

Next in the Series: Creating a Writing Persona. (This will be posted on 10 April 2012.)

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