05 January 2012

SENT OUT: The Golden Broccoli Trophy

Some time back a musician friend of our took a sabbatical in our fair city and stayed with us.  She took a part time job at a nearby health foods grocery.  One of the silly things she and her mates did was 'ramp running' - which was nothing more than moving quickly up and down the ramps of the delivery trucks.

That memory came back to mind when I saw this postcard the other day - and knew immediately that an annual event surely must exist out there for these folks.


Dear Marge -- Great news! Our team won the regionals of this year's Ramp Runners Tournament!  The championship is being held in Chattanooga on 12/28.  Leslie still has his van, so we'll be all driving down together. (Hope the weather holds!) We've been training 8 hours a day - so we're psyched!  Wish us luck!.  The Golden Broccoli Trophy will be coming back to Milwaukee this year fer shur!  XXO - Larry

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