24 June 2011

Urban Farming: Week 5-ish Update

Dear Diary,

All that rain made it easy to care for 'The Farm' these past two weeks. It's pretty cool, though, how just a few days can make such a difference.  On Tuesday - just 3 days ago - I was showing off the Back 32 (4x8) to one of my sisters.  The brussel sprouts and zucchini were looking pretty fine.  This morning, when I went over to do my weekly community stint with the compost pile and mulch spreader, I swear the b-sprouts were an inch higher and the zuchs at least 4 more inches wide across!

Not sure what's happening with the cauliflower though.  I planted 3, one per square like the book says.  Two I can see and I'm not sure if that 3rd wee beastie is a weed or the other one; too small to compare its leaf shape.

In another week or so, Beloved Spousal Unit and I will be enjoying fresh lettuce for our salad (along with a flavoring of fresh basil from the porch garden!). This is good as the b-sprouts are starting to crowd out the lettuce a bit. Not sure if whose going to win the Space Wars: the bush beans or the collards - may have to thin things out there a bit soon.

Took a little time to look at the neighboring plots.  Rather a mix of approaches and intents there.  I'm pretty sure the one next to me is owned by someone who isn't sure what s/he planted and is waiting for the plants to get big enough to pull some rather obvious weeds (and there is a thistle plant front and center going full guns looking like it plans to take over the planet!).  Another plot has some very full sugar peas that have been crying out to be harvested for two weeks now.  Wonder if they'll transmorgify into vinegar peas!

A few folks are clearly old hands at this farming thing.  Lettuce planted in one plot, when I was still daydreaming about what I might like to eat this Fall has grown, been harvested, and something else has been planted in its stead.  The guy growing melons (who said they don't do well in his 'home garden') has those babies tenderly tucked into a straw mulch like he's expecting quintulplets for each single plant! 

It's supposed to get sunny again soon.  I expect my next update with you, dear Diary, will be showing stuff as 'high as an elephant's eye'!

Til then . . .

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