29 June 2011

Postcards on Display

An especially fun aspect of the Summer Wizarding Event making has been our entire crew's mantra: Reuse - Recyle - Repurpose.  Some of the larger set pieces are assemblages of so many rummage sale and Goodwill finds that it is hard to believe! (Sorry, but I am still sworn to secrecy and so cannot post any pics of those items yet.) 

My creations have been of a more modest sort.  The event's post office just got a wall of cubbies thanks to the temporary loan of our CD case.

It will be placed on an oak table next to the "store" in a major entry way to the building in which we are hosting the event. Conveniently, it needs no paint and will be only minimally decorated. 

There will be items for sale at our post office, including, of course, postcards.  I found a recipes cabinet at a rummage sale the other weekend (only $2!).  I painted out the label, creating a trompe l'oeil-style "brass" plaque instead.

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