14 June 2011

Urban Farming: Week 3 Update

Dear Diary,

It's been 3 weeks since I planted the wee 4x8 garden.  The seedlings are much bigger and the other plants have begin to sprout.  The four sunflower plants are already 4 inches high and the two zucchini look like they will live up to their space-hogging reputation!

I also turned the compost (less stinky than I thought it would be!) and spread wood chip mulch on a big ole chunk of the walkways between the plots.  Being as how this is a community garden, I am hoping these two activities accrued me much favorable karma in terms of low weed count and a good, eventual harvest.

The bush bean plants have gone crazy!

When you next see Mother Nature, would you please ask her to let up on the bizarre weather patterns?  I am sure it is quite amusing from her perspective, but having to cover my porch plants with a flannel sheets for three nights running caused me to get way too many funny looks from the neighbors.

See you in a few weeks, Diary dear!

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