17 June 2011

Button, Button, Who Has the Button?

The Summer Wizarding Event has gotten me back into sewing. Yesterday I repaired the nylon purse of a friend and sewed the skirt and apron for one of the Event Day characters.

The character's personality is a bit fuss-and-fluster, so the patterns on the two pieces don't quite match to reflect this.  But she likes fine little details.  So I gave the pocket a pointed "lapel" and Art Deco button for finish.

Searching for the button (in a jar of collected new, vintage, and antique buttons) had me in a button-y frame of mind. ;-) I have several (ok, 8!) plastic storage bins of fabric stashed away in our basement.  The buttons gave me ideas for future sewing projects.

So it was rather fun to have come across this sweet, stop-motion video of buttons in the Moscow subway! (I love all the background touches - all sewing tools or sewing-related.)

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