26 February 2011

Mr. Whimsy, or Why I Heart James Gurney

Photos by me

Ok, I don't even know the guy, but James Gurney's Dinotopia books have been a mainstay on my bookshelf for years, ever since they were first published. I have a large print of his "Dinosaur Boulevard" painting from the first book and a puzzle version the same which I pull out and assemble every few years.  And, glory of glories, I even have a Dinotopia-inspired pitcher and two matching cups that I made a decade ago at one of those paint your own pottery places.

More recently, I've been enjoying (and learning a great deal from) Mr. Gurney's two books, Imaginative Realism and Color and Light.

His blog is a wonderful variety of show-n-tell, solid and entertaining art instruction, informative exposition, and on occasion, just plain silliness.  Like the series of videos he did sometime back promoting Imaginative Realism, one of which starred his budgie, Mr. Kooks as the Parakeet Artist.  His deadpan delivery and the smooth and spot on documentary-commercial production make this piece just delightful.

This week Mr. Gurney posted a video that all of us in the frozen Midwest can appreciate.  Talk about catharsis!  Take THAT winter!!  Thanks, Mr. G!  I have to shovel the sidewalk now (again!), but will do so this time with a song in my heart and a chuckle.

Links to Mr. Gurney's various sites:

His artist website
His blog
The Dinotopia website

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