02 June 2012

Two Siblings, Two Packages, Two Letters

I have some pen friends, actually a kind of pen friend family.  We send each other goofy postcards and miscellaneous stuff now and then.  I thought it would be fun to make up some 'perfect postal packages' like the ones I made for last Summer's wizarding event.  I made them for the two daughters.  

What is always fun is trying to match the package to the person.  Last Summer I knew the gender and ages of the kids involved, along with a few comments for a few of them. Mostly I had to guess, but I seem to have a knack there. 

For these two young ladies, I asked some specific questions of their parents.  Based on what I got back, I decided that one package would be from a magical universe and the other from a fantastical, expeditionary universe. 

The packages were sent secretly several weeks ago.  Monday, I hear, they were delivered and very much appreciated.  My knack for matching package to person held true, I am told; the gals were delighted.  Here are some pics of what I sent.  As this one is a private fictional correspondence, I won't go into detail on the letters except for an excerpt from each.

From a Wizardly Professor

From a Traveling Explorer


  1. To say that the girls in question enjoyed the packages is an understatement! Being word nerds, they have enjoyed creating elaborate characters and back stories for years. They appreciate the work of a master of the art.

    1. Wish I could have been the proverbial fly on the wall when they opened them! I very much appreciate hearing that it went over so well.


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