30 March 2013

Typospheriana - The Big Reveal (and Then Some)

Kudos to Ted for his sharp eye. (And to Bill M. for his chuckle-inducing comment on this "Free $23.95 value"!)  The sticker is indeed found on the front of this box containing a a "10-Day Touch Typing Course."

My Beloved Spousal Unit found it for me at one of our local Goodwill shops.  It is in very good condition all around.  I don't have a turntable-to-USB set up, but my brother Architect does.  I hope to ask him to make a digital recording for me - parts of which I will share here later.


And here are a few more Typosphere-related items that came my way recently.

This lovely case for my Kindle.

This textbook for a College Typewriting course.

Including the schedule of classes being taken by its owner.


An informational book on typewriters.

And an insert found in the case of a Brother-Bradford identifying regional Typewriter Repair Shops. No doubt these are long gone.


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