02 April 2013

He is Refitting the Planet

I've recently added a new site to my Writers Makers Thinkers Artists Tellers blog roll call. This latest one was inspired by some info searching I've been doing for my Uncle Ace.  He's setting up to do some Western traveling and camping and mentioned that he's been having a hard time finding a reasonably-priced, used pop-up camper.  I came across the image above and included it in a letter I sent to Ace for his amusement.  

In locating its original source, I came upon the utterly delightful and inspiring makerly site of Rodney Allen Trice, Refitting the Planet.

The description for this Tumblr site describes it as for "A Sustainable travel & lifestyle show focused on global designers who "refit", inspiring creative thought on the care of our planet."  I've not seen this show on the telly yet, but I will certainly be looking for it!

 The estimable Rodney Allen Trice 

The images below all come from Mr. Trice's site.  Do take a look.

Refitting the Planet

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