22 March 2013

Tales Only Dreamed Of

My brother, The Captain, had mixed feelings about St. Patrick's Day.  By day he was second in command for large-ish university's Department of Public Safety.  He knew that on March 17th, and the week in which it fell, he'd be a busy man - watching out for, caring for, helping, and, when necessary, saving the undergrad and grad students from the own over-imbibings.  "The Immortals" he called them; the young people who never thought anything could happen to them.

But The Captain had another side to him, a very whimsical and good humored side.  Every August he served on the stage crew of the Aer Lingus music stage at Milwaukee's Irish Fest. Although one of ten children of the same two parents, he claimed "all the Irish" had descended to him alone. He loved Celtic music and befriended many of the performers through the years.

He also loved reading Science Fiction, loved making up stories, and entertained himself and the world with his fictional postcards.  And he would have loved, and been hugely amused, by the work of Bradley W. Schenck, a.k.a. author of the Thrilling Tales website and fantastic artist of all-things SciFi and retro.  And a damn savvy marketer of his work.

"You, too, can create a customized pulp magazine cover with the astonishing PULP-O-MIZER, right here in Cornelius Zappencackler's Derange-O-Lab!"

Mr. Schenck has created the Pulp-o-Mizer, a web-based designer of retro SciFi magazine covers.  One can create and download without charge.  But he hopes you will appreciate his work and his generosity with a donation.  I certainly plan to.  Anyone who gives this much joy with such absolute brilliance, technical mastery, and unmitigated wit deserves patronage.  Thank you sir!

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