19 November 2011

Painters Who Echo

Even though I have something of a struggle with the philosophy of the realist style, I am drawn to its clarity of line and color.  Recently artist James Gurney was one of the jurors for Plein Air Magazine's Salon competition.  He featured a few of the winning paintings on his website.  One that caught my eye was by artist John Ball.

Before I read Gurney's comments, I thought "Oh, John Singer Sargent"  I guess I know more about art than I think I do for Gurney had the same observation! I didn't know Sargent was in the Realist camp.  I thought Realism favored a more precise rendition of things, an almost photographic recreation.  But looking at Ball's work, and Gurney's in comparison with Sargent, I am getting a better idea of what this style really is.

A Dinner Table at Night
by John Singer Sargent

Here is another pairing of Ball and Sargent which show a shared sense of light and color.

A Prelude to the Day
by John Ball

The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale 1878
by John Singer Sargent

And two more, this time portraiture.  I so much enjoy the blend of direct color and subtle movement of light that both artists employ.

Moving into Evening
by John Ball

Spanish Dancer
by John Singer Sargent

Mr. Ball's biography can be found here.  A good history of Mr. Sargent is here.
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