04 July 2011

Urban Farming: Week 7 Update

Dear Diary,

A couple of weeks of hot sun  have been most encouraging.  I've had to water the garden regularly for the first time this summer (not complaining, just a change in routine after all the rain we had a few weeks ago).  This morning I found the burnt remains of firecrackers and bottle rockets on the paths among the plots, no doubt leftovers from the holiday doings last night. 

Looks like the cauliflower seeds weren't good as nothing but some self-satisfied weeds have come up in those three squares.  The bush beans are looking all proud and flamboyant, but there is nary a bean-to-be-seen!  The sunflowers grow at least 3 inches a day, I swear, a neck and neck race with the zuchinni who are similarly expanding. 

Guess what, Diary dear?  I thought I planted a 3rd kind of beans over at the end with the pole beans . . . but I am pretty sure what's coming up are beets not beans!  I planted those squares at the very end of a toasty couple of hours, which may explain the confusion.

Have harvested only a couple of lettuce leaves so far, and those were just to test for flavor.  They are still pretty tiny.

Till next time, dear Diary.  Happy 4th and all . . .

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