08 July 2011

Silly Fun Dressing Up

Back in May, I posted about the 'portrait videos' I was hoping to do for the Summer Wizarding Event. Grand plans then for three different scenarios.  As it turned out, only one character came to be; the one I thought of as The Lady Cartographer - inspired by Vermeer's two paintings (above).

Most of the fun of it was creating the set and costumes. 

The "set" was the south wall of our dining room.  Our flat is in a 1914 building and the dining room has some very nice oak cabinetry.  I dressed the scene with a fancy globe I'd received as a graduation gift from my brother, The Captain; a second fanciful globe of a fictional planet made for me by my siblings Architect, Artist, and Woodcrafter; a piece of curtain fabric printed with the image of bookshelves; some of my own, older books; and miscellaneous knick-knacks with odd and unusual looks.

The costume was an assemblage of new and old: a long, red artist's coat, enhanced by safety-pinning wide lace window valences down the front; a $20 'Renaissance Lady' wig I found online; an 'underdress' of gold-shot black velour - a Goodwill find - the cuffs of which I safety-pinned some lace edging to; an antique, crocheted caplet that had been made by one of my husband's great grandmothers; and a bunch of rings from my own, mostly costume, jewelry collection.

I wound up shooting 5 different 3.5 minute scenes: Learning a New Spell, Taking a Nap, Writing a Letter, Learning a New Tune (using my quirky-odd-shaped travel guitar), and Studying a Globe.  Brother Architect was by for dinner last night and I showed him the results.  He thought them quite fine for the event. Hooray!  I can hardly wait to see them in action.

The Lady Cartographer

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