19 September 2010

Me Arty!!

Earlier this year I commented on the "Next Blog" feature of Blogger, noting that it seemed to take me to blogs the Blogger search algorithm deemed similar to mine.  But jumping from blog to blog to blog made things weirder and weirder.  This morning I tried jumping again, and it would seem I have become an Art Blogger. 

Cool! Here's where I went this time.*

A photographer's blog: Jest 18:17

Text from the site: " "To keep things going for a long time, you just have to carry on taking photographs. By taking photographs you make discoveries about yourself and come to realize various things. If you're constantly reminded of things, this gives you the impulse to carry on. You learn things through taking photographs; photography is your teacher. The main thing is to keep on taking photographs for ever and ever."  -- Nobuyoshi Araki"

A European traveller/photographer's site: Diário de Lisboa
The site of a sketcher who posts his/her drawings regularly: El Mar de Eco.

A site containing self-portrait after self portrait: Querámoslo o no,

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ *~ *~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ *~ *~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* After a few runs, though, the same circle of blogs kept popping up.  Guess the Interwebz sees me as only a wee bit arty! ;-)

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