26 July 2010

SENT OUT: Postcards in the Snow

Had a full day and night of beastly rainstorms here: the perfect time to catch up on some 'imaginary postcards.'

TRANSCRIPTION:  "Dear Bill -- Am happy to report that the tobaggan [sic] run is finally done! Now all we need is a little more snow to top 'er off.  Albert says we should ice it first, but I am resisting. We'll be having womenfolk and kids here. Don't want 'em getting hurt! Best, Ed & the Gang"

TRANSCRIPTION: "My dear Charles -- Well - I took your advisement to heart and headed West! The boots you sent fit perfectly and were a thankful addition to my apres ski ensemble.  I toasted you before the lodge fireplace with a glass of sherry! Fondly, Isabele"

[Editor's note: Presumably Mlle. Isabele offered a toast to her friend with a glass of sherry rather than toasted the gentleman himself!]
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