18 July 2010

Color Lush Living

[Image from National Geographic: "November 11, 2008--This composite image showcases
star birth in an expanding bubble of ionized gas 4,200 light-years from Earth."]

As a synesthete, I have to be careful sometimes that I do not get overwhelmed by the colors, light, and sounds so often elicited by what I see and hear.  Summer, with its rush of colors, is an especially challenging season.  And the art of others can sometimes create whole symphonies of shapes, brightness, and sounds.

The decorative work of Victoria MacKenzie-Childs is a synesthesiac universe all on its own.  Her furniture, glassware, tableware, apparel gifts, etc. are a gorgeous blast of color, fun, and imagination.

What I find so exciting about her work, other than its color and obvious craftsmanship, is its frisky and gay theatricality.  It makes me think of what I might find in Dinotopia, the fantastical fictional world created by artist James Gurney.

Which makes me think of what I might wear if I visited Gurney's world - which makes me think of the amazingly rich and detailed creations by the folks as Moresca Clothing and Costumes.  A mix of Renaissance Faire, antique Middle Eastern dance,  A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Charles de Lint, the Moresca world of dress is one I would happily inhabit every day.


Images from the 2010, 2004, and 2003 catalog/flyers at the Moresca website.

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