30 March 2013

Typospheriana - The Big Reveal (and Then Some)

Kudos to Ted for his sharp eye. (And to Bill M. for his chuckle-inducing comment on this "Free $23.95 value"!)  The sticker is indeed found on the front of this box containing a a "10-Day Touch Typing Course."

My Beloved Spousal Unit found it for me at one of our local Goodwill shops.  It is in very good condition all around.  I don't have a turntable-to-USB set up, but my brother Architect does.  I hope to ask him to make a digital recording for me - parts of which I will share here later.


And here are a few more Typosphere-related items that came my way recently.

This lovely case for my Kindle.

This textbook for a College Typewriting course.

Including the schedule of classes being taken by its owner.


An informational book on typewriters.

And an insert found in the case of a Brother-Bradford identifying regional Typewriter Repair Shops. No doubt these are long gone.



  1. Full of awesome! I love the old school label on the album. I still like vinyl given the potential for electronic formats to end up unreadable in random amounts of time. As an FYI, there are cheap adapters available to port from an old turntable directly to the computer.

    Thanks for posting all of these goodies!

    It appears that Blogger is acting up. Your post didn't show on my feed or in the Typosphere. I found it through your Twitter feed. You might try doing a slight update to get it to show as a new post.

    1. Yes, this was a fun post to pull together for my fellow Typospherians! (Thx for the tech notice - I did a text tweak and republished - and am now seeing it on the Typosphere blog roll update. Weird that.

  2. Neat! And the records are even dated to the day of purchase. I will enjoy listening to some of this when you digitize it.

    I was not aware of Behrman's book.

    I had the same problem getting a post to show up in the feed recently. Blogger can be erratic.

  3. Nice haul! I look forward to hearing the typing course. (:

  4. Cool! I have that SC 10-day course album and have also not been able to play it since I don't own a turntable. Yet.

  5. Wow! That is some great stuff! Congratulations on your find!
    I was wondering if the secret item was a Smith-Corona typing course and if it was the one on 45s or the LPs.

    Nice Kindle cover. I have a plain old cover for mine. No room for a notebook or pencil. Those old typing books are really neat. I have a few different ones I photographed for a post, but I have yet to post.

    The Writing Machine looks like a good book.

    Thanks for posting.

  6. Blogger has been hiccuping for me too, of late - glad to know this post finally showed up on our Typosphere blogroll. Seeing brother Architect today - will bring LPs and see if he has time to do the digital transfer for me. Then I'll get to learn a new skill: embedding audio into a Blogger post!

    Dwayne - thanks for the info about a turntable adapter! I didn't know about that. (Of course, that means I'd have to have the turntable serviced as its rotation is erratic.)

    Ton, Ted - how cool that you have this same record set. I am hugely curious as to what the lessons actually consist of. All I can imagine is my high school teacher telling me to "ALWAYS USE 2 SHEETS OF PAPER!"

    Bill -- Oooh, more books? Looking forward to those pics soon!

    Everyone -- be sure to check Richard P's reply to my reply in the previous post. I asked for Leisure Suits . . . and I got 'em! :-)


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