29 January 2012

They Be Among Us

The Different Drummers, 
the Outliers, 
the Nerds, 
the Geeks.  
They are out there.
Thank heavens and little fishies.
They are out there. 

They type in closets.
They photograph toy rhinocerosess.
They translate ancient Welsh tales into something new.
They write imaginary letters to imaginary people.
They see colors on ice and use their wit.
They walk their sidewalks and find beauty.
They turn wood and turn a phrase.
They go on desert fasts and bring back the stars.
They call themselves by another name and create whole worlds.

They are the Makers.
They bring joy
and all that is silly and fun.
Thank you!


  1. Awww, Godzilla Claus looks so happy to be on your blog! Thanks for attribution and your thoughts on makers in general.

    You should take some of your packages to a Maker Faire. Be on the lookout for the Call for Makers in your area. There are new ones added every year.

  2. Hi Dwayne - Glad Godzilla Claus is happy. (I am saving up for a cool Godzilla model I saw recently . . . to add to my collection of plastic dinosaurs, which now numbers around 100+!)

    As for the Maker Faire stuff . . . funny you should mention it. Brother Architect and I are in the beginning stages of cogitating how we might take our show on the road, as it were. The Faire is just one option. Exciting stuff!


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