09 March 2011

That Beautiful Line


Rubberstamp design by me for my onetime art stamp company
(the original Dante's Wardrobe).

Original Catalog Cover for the Dante's Wardrobe company

I have a thing for the clean, clear, purposed line of the drawn variety.  As a synesthete, my experience of the world around me always has this strong cast of lines.  A single movement can call up an entire image, drawn in full; a single sound can create a veritable light show of intercrossing lines.  Conversely, seeing a well-drawn image creates a kind of physical calm, an even plane of light and sound. 

Not surprisingly, I am drawn to artists with a strong eye and strong drafting hand.  Here are a few I have long enjoyed (and at the end, a new discovery).

Albrecht Durer

Drawing of Katharina

Portrait of His Mother

Venetian Lady

Hans Holbein the Younger

Catherine, Duchess of Suffolk

Anne Boleyn

Study for the Portrait of the Family of Sir Thomas More

Arthur Rackham

Hansel and Gretel


The Pre-Raphaelites

Jane Morris Photo & Painting
(Morris was a central muse for the Pre-Raphaelites)

'Jane Morris' by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Rosetti: Portrait of Anne Miller

Sveta Dorosheva


  1. Rackham is one of my favorites!

  2. Agreed! As a kid I was fascinated by the detailed quality of his drawing line.

  3. Actually, I didn't focus my attention on Rackham and become familiar with his work until after I had discovered John Bauer and become of big fan of he and Gustave Tenggren. I'm a big fan of all of their goblns and trolls and everything faerie.

    But I think I did what many people my age did. We first got hooked on Brian Froud and Alan Lee in the 70's and worked backwards to the artists who influenced those guys.


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