12 February 2011

Postcards Run Amok

I've been invited to participate in an extravagant creative activity - still in the very nascent stages at the moment so there is nothing specific to report and identify.  Suffice it to say it combines several of my favorite activities: making theater-like props, costumes, letter writing, mailboxes, and typewriters!  As things become solidified, I will report here.

One thing I will be doing is creating massive amounts of faux mail: post cards, letters, advertisements, small packages . . . whatever my happy mind can think of.  So it was with great glee that I came across the madly humorous postal artwork of Italian artist Franco Brambilla.  He has taken vintage postcards featuring European settings and enhanced them with images of robots, aliens, and flying saucers.* He titles this collection of postal art Invading the Vintage.

These and many more images can be found at Brambilla's website.

Not postcard-related but definitely along the same humor- and high-technique-related lines is the work of artist John Lytle Wilson.

His acrylic paintings feature deliciously intense colors, the precise lines of old-style cartoon art, and silly, silly, fun topics.  One series he has titled Robots and Monkeys; another Flat Animals; and still another Corrected Paintings. About the last he has this wonderful description: "Occasionally, an artist will paint something, but neglect to include robots and/or monkeys. When I can, I fix that." He fixed my funny bone and art bone at the same time!!

These and more images from Wilson's collections are here at his website.

* Thanks to this Blog rules for the sightings and info.


  1. The "You Might Like This" previews are a good thing. I would not have found this old post without the link.

    I've been amassing a large collection of kitsch landscape photos as I pass through thrift stores and antique malls. We have the same goal as Claire intends to populate them with zombies, Kaiju and giant robots.

    I will pass this along as inspiration and might have to send you a collection of jpg files to play with.

  2. All right!! Now I really need to track down that "Amanda Madison" brochure. You guys will love it.


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