03 June 2010

RECEIVED: Extraterrestrial Postcards

The best part of fictional postcards is that you never know what stories will turn up in your mailbox.  Here are two I received recently.

TRANSCRIPTION: 201-7.5-3208. Professor:  Re: Project Silver Seed, Addendum no. 42.  Enclosed please find the last advertising holo to be submitted by Seed # 137, a textile colony established with great promise due to the native fauna requiring little manipulation.  Genetic influence contained to breeding out certain carnivorous traits of said sheering stock.  In quaevo [? ~ possibly quaero ] Graduate no. 5663

TRANSCRIPTION: 209-9.2-3208.  Professor: Re: Project Silver Seed, Addendum no. 56.  Contact with colony on Seed #267 was deliberately severed, with all apparatus destroyed by colonists after Core denial of the rather extreme genetic program proposed by local leadership. In quaevo [? ~ or quaero ] Graduate no. 5663

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