15 November 2013

More Things for The Thing

"Saying hello" - acrylic, oils, collage.

Back in August I posted about the latest thing being created by my brother Architect.  Said thing proceeds and, he tells me, has needed even more things to make its thing-ness.  This makes me think of the 1950s horror movie, The Blob.

Said blob absorbed/consumed all in its path.  (OMG, is it true, the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen starred in this cheesy flick?) 

Okay, back to the point . . . The Thing Being Made.  

Architect sent me a few more photos of the things that will be going into the Thing.  I am told "one section is done with a month and half to go."  It's a good thing I live 75 miles away or I'd be busting down his front door to see what is going on!  This Thing, blob-like, now apparently takes up much of an entire room.

More of the things going into The Thing.

p.s.  I actually know what The Thing is but am sworn to secrecy.  However, when I look at these objects, even I now wonder how he is going to pull this Grand Thing off!


  1. Mysterious!

    I actually found "The Blob" really creepy when I watched it on TV as a kid.

    1. I tried watching "The Blob" and was too freaked out by the concept to finish it! ;-)

  2. It must be a replica of something "old" and geeky. I don't know what exactly, but you got me real curious.

    1. Definitely geeky and, interestingly enough, both old and new! I am told it includes a typewriter, which is pretty cool!

  3. For a moment I thought you had a new illustration from a Dr. Suess book.
    I remember the Blob. Just watched it not too long ago on TV (for probably the 4th or 5th time) I first saw it way back as a child in the local theater.

    I like your Tivoli radio. They are very good radios.

    And the plasma ball brings back memories of High School.

    Nice post.

    1. The plasma ball is a corker - not sure how or where that fits in. Or the radio for that matter! Curiousness abounds (even though I know what he is building . . . I can't envision these things in it.)


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