06 August 2012

SENT OUT: First Class Hotel

Addendum to this post, which was prescheduled:
The Mars Curiosity Rover landed successfully some 9+ hours ago. 
Here's NASA's animated video that shows what had to happen for it to work . . . . it did!


I found this postcard in an old moving box.  
Looks to be at least 40 years old, maybe more.  
Perfect for a letter game.


  1. I love this postcard. It has been over a year since our last trip to red rock country and I am seriously missing desert hiking and finding seldom seen ruins.

    P.S. Doing a Curiosity victory dance in my seat!

    1. Did your Nerd household manage to catch the landing live?

    2. Nope. I hadn't actually planned on staying up to watch. My impulsive nature got the best of me and it was a LONG day at the office. Claire was a little disappointed that she didn't stay up, but not heart broken.


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