09 July 2012

Urban Farming - 2nd Summer - First Harvest

"Missus Yount"

"Robin Yount, Jr." and "Kon-Biki"

Our porch garden was home to a family of robins this summer.  We don't see much of Papa Yount and just at lunch today, my Beloved Spousal Unit saw Robin Jr. leave the nest. The Missus is still watching out for his/her sibling who is a little smaller in size - probably the 2nd to hatch and a day behind developmentally.

The container garden has been a little less successful due to our run of successive heat waves.  The pepper plants are pretty scrawny with no vegetables yet and the kitchen herbs seem to be struggling with the heat.  The two 'dwarf tomatoes' both now over 3 feet tall, however, are going great guns.  We cut the first 'matoh' this afternoon.  


One other gardening adventure: a squirrel has been digging in the flower pots! 

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