01 July 2012

A Procession of Species

This past weekend's Type-In was part of a larger event over in Madison, WI. Every Summer and Winter the Friends of Starkweather Creek SASY Neighborhood Association celebrates the solstice. Both events culminate with a bonfire, lit at the end of the day. On June 23rd we celebrated the new Summer - complete with a Procession of the Species

Described for the neighborhood association as "Madison’s annual biodiversity art parade," the event is similar to Olympia, WA's well known Earth Day Procession of the Species (link).  Here's the association's About  info.
"The parade uses masks, costumes, giant puppets and artwork to celebrate the diversity of life on earth and to bring the community together to create and enjoy the spectacle. It is a free, non-commercial, volunteer staffed event. Free art workshops are held in advance of the event at our temporary art studio with a volunteer staff of professional artists. The public is invited to lend a hand in creating our giant puppet figures and create masks, costumes and puppets for the parade. At our studio we transform discarded and recycled materials into works of art. We work collectively to design, create and perform with our creations. All are welcome to join in this collaborative work of art."

The procession came right past our collection of booths.  I took some pics and my brother Architect and another attendee shot some video.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

 The Procession was led in by Madison's Forward Marching Band.

Then, leading the parade of species was the man himself, Charles Darwin.

Some of the puppets were new this year, some old favorites. 

(I found out later that my friend, Hoja, was the Buffalo!)

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