09 September 2011

Can Duran Duran Can?

Ah, September . . . time for canning.  "Putting up" my grandmother used to call it. But I doubt Little Grandma ever put up her garden largesse with the radio blasting out 1970s and 80s oldies!  Oh yeah! Boogie time!

This year the tomatoes at our local pick-your-own were a bit pricier than last year's; no doubt due to our uneven summer weather.  So instead of 2 bushels, we got only 1.5.  

The .5 bushel's worth were some larger, more beat up 'maters.'  
Those will be made into salsa and spaghetti sauce and frozen later this week.  

This afternoon, though, the bushel of Romans will be canned straight off.  I am using the excellently clear directions of Marisa McClellan, of the enthusiastic and elegantly and well-produced Food in Jars blog

Miz. McCllellan
[from her About Food in Jars page]

Here is a photo diary of the day.  What you don't get to see is me dancing around the kitchen while I was working.  Perhaps that is just as well!

Setting Up

Coring and cleaning off any bruised areas.

Ready to be quick-boiled to loosen the skins.

Into the boilings my precious!

Cold water bath to aid in skin removal.

Meanwhile, jars are being sterilized.

Filling the jars.

On to boil for the required time.

Ah, the happy results!

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