28 August 2011

Water, Water Everywhere . . . Well Once, Anyway

Astronomers find largest water reservoir ever,
12 billion years in the past 

Ok, call me kooky but this headline has me chuckling maniacally this morning.  I mean, first our hopes are raised to this insane height:  
Humanity is SAVED! 
Texas is saved! 
Las Vegas can use all the water it wants FOREVER! 
I can leave the water running when I brush my teeth!!  
And then, our dreams are dashed so utterly and completely:  
Like, you mean we need a Time Machine?
Is this some kind of Cosmic Joke? 

It is from an article was written by Matt Ford in Ars Technica. Here's the scoop:

"Using a pair of sub-millimeter wavelength telescopes, two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest reservoir of water ever found in the Universe. The water-containing cloud was found near quasar APM 08279+5255, some 12 billion light years from Earth; this means that the radiation seen today from this quasar was emitted when the universe was a scant 1.6 billion years old."

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