01 November 2010

Cool Spaces for Kids Big and Small

This past summer my brother, Architect, gave me a tour of his most recent project: The Madison Children's Museum.  Among other things, I got to see
  • people gluing to a wall the decorative pieces of art made local school children;
  • an old car being installed into a play area;
  • costumes being fitted out for play dressing;
  • old electronics being retooled for 21st-century play;
  • a phone booth with an interior painted like a galaxy of stars;
  • an indoor tree house;
  • homing pigeons in cages on the grass-covered roof!
I especially liked the Skeleton Bridge, which reminded me of the playful and imaginative world of artist and author James Gurney in his Dinotopia books.

The finished walkway.

The walkway during design.

And here's an amusing 20 second video of one of the makers testing out the walkway.

More info on the making of the Madison Children's Museum can be found here at the Design Coalition website.  The museum's own website is here.

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