05 August 2010

VIDEO: Canine Slo-Mo

The marketing company for the folks at Pedigree came up with this charming video.  Great for dog-lovers, but what I am loving is being able to watch the movement of the bodies.  Reminds me of the groundbreaking motion study photography done in the 19th century by Eadweard Muybridge.  Here's some of Muybridge's work . . .

[Note: the Wikipedia entry for Muybridge includes videos created by compiling his photos into a moving sequence.  FYI: there is some nudity. More of his work can be seen by searching on his name in Google Images.]

And here is the video:

[from the YouTube description] "It's dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better. From TBWA Toronto. . . . Music is by Andrew Harris, a Vancouver-based sound designer and composer."

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