03 May 2010

Jump Jump Jump

In a previous post I talked about the occasionally oddness that turns up when one clicks on the Next Blog feature of Blogger.  Just for fun, I went blog hopping from this blog.  Here's where I went.

Un fiĆ  de mar - a lovely series of well-composed photos.

la fiebrE y la tortugA ("the restless turtle")
A stream of consciousness journal.

 A blog that stopped in November 2009 with a post that describes how
the father of the family killed a 12-point deer that smelled bad.

A collection of miscelleaneous photos with no commentary and
a list of the blogger's other online presences:
"My Blog, My Twitter, My Face, My Space, My Yelp, My Karma."

A blog that won't let me in: "This blog is open to invited readers only." 
With the words hornydog in the blog name, it's just as well.

The blog for a small business of the same name run by a woman in
Leeds, United Kingdom who loves crafting with textiles. 

A San Francisco artist who, as he notes, "does Live paintings,
illustrations, sculpture, Lo-fi book publishing and much more."

The occasional blog of a Singapore software engineer. 
One post describes the day he and his mother went to look for
the grave of his older brother who died young.

Blog of poet and artist Matina Stamatakis. 
In her profile, the random question from Blogger and her answer:
"What did you dream when you ate a spider while sleeping?
That in some horrible twist of fate/the spider in turn ate me."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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