28 April 2010

Random No More

It used to be with Blogger that when you clicked on the Next Blog link at the top of the page you were randomly taken somewhere (at least that is how I recall it!).  Now when I click, I find I get to places that The Blogger Deity deems similar to the blog I was just at.  It's both disappointing and not.  Also occasionally odd.

The Hermitage blog of artist Rima Staines is an extravagantly designed home a multifaceted mind and maker.  Each piece she does is a moment captured, her artist's creative soul captured in the moment as well. 

Soup and Pipe
by Rima Staines

For no real reason, one day I clicked on the Next Blog from her page.  Where it led me to was a series of blogs about families, new babies, and a bunch of new-agey stuff.  What meta info is buried in Staines' blog to make that the connection followed by Blogger?

At the Natural History Museum, New York
by Tommy Kane

Conversely, when I jumped from Tommy Kane's Art Blog I was taken on a truly entertaining and intriguing journey to and through the blogs of illustrators, painters, shy watercolorists, unpublished artists, and all.  The quality of the art (and the blogs) varied considerably.  Were it not that I had places to go and people to meet this day, I'd be lost for hours.
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