21 April 2010

Exhibit: Art and Dreaming

"The PaperVeins Museum of Art is focused on the creation, curation, exhibition, and study of contemporary art about the human body in medicine and technology."
Artist Anna Willieme is a lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Morgan Library in New York City.  At the PaperVeins Museum of Art she has created a combined exhibit and laboratory for the study of dreaming.  Called the Dream Room.  She describes it: "The Dream Room will be created in a laboratory, hospital, office or any space where scientists are involved in research. The scientist will be able to allocate time to go "dreaming" as part of his research process. Scientists will be coached in methods to increase dream recall and techniques of dreaming such as dream incubation, dream reentry, and waking dreaming. These methods will help scientists use their dreaming for creative problem solving."

She goes on to describe how the Dream Room will work:

"The Dream Room will be designed to create an atmosphere conducive to sleeping and dreaming. It will have a flexibility in regards to decor so it can be adapted according to individual preference. The room will have a portable "camp" style bed, light and easy to move. Whoever is using the Dream Room will be able to set up the bed according to his preference. A large scroll will be hung on one of the walls. The scroll will have an image connected to the dream world such as a moon, mandala, labyrinth or a theme relating to the area of study of the scientist. It will serve as a support for meditation and enable the scientist to create and choose a mood for the room. A series of scrolls will be available to choose from. A small foldable table will be attached to one of the walls. It will be equipped with pencils, inks, pastels etc. for the scientists who wishes to record in drawing some of his dreams. A sound system will provide a choice of music or sounds (such as drumming) to entice sleeping and/or waking dreaming. The density of the room's ceiling lights will be adjustable and it will be possible to change the colors of the lights."

The exhibit web site also includes a section by the artist on Developing Dream Recall and Keeping a Dream Diary.

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