13 September 2013

Closing this Summer's Porch Garden

Pre-garden, June 2013

After an uneasy and unusually cool summer, September enters with its fading light and chill, clear air.  And this summer's porch garden is being decommissioned in stages as I harvest the herbs and tomatoes. 

The impatiens, which I got only to fill in the holes between what I thought was going to be a fulsome kitchen herb garden, were one of the few the survivors of the too-cool summer.  Though now, I have to say, they are looking a bit gassed for it.


Every September our landlady provides two fulsome mums.  This year's editions are especially grand.

And as if to deny the upcoming Autumn solstice, the geraniums are presenting a voluminous profusion of second-wind blossoms.


  1. It won't be long before we start cutting and drying our basil. Rosemary and sage keep coming back. We also had a cool summer, but still fluctuate wildly between near 100 two days ago and 77 today.

    1. We're hoping to keep our rosemary plant going inside for awhile this winter. LOVE fresh rosemary!

  2. Cool summer? Isn't this Global Warming?

    Your porch garden looks really nice. I wonder does shade have as much to do with growing as well as the temperature.

    The summer was more tolerable here in Florida also. I do remember a few cool ones when in PA and cool there is not the best for a growing season either.

    Speaking of Global Warming, did you see the report last week where the trend is actually going toward global cooling?

    1. The front gets shade but the side edge (on the south) gets direct sun for much of the day. That's where we put the tomatoes.

      The global cooling thing doesn't surprise me. Climate change is that, change. It's not the same as warming.


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