07 June 2013

While We're Waiting . . . Identify the Typewriters!


"R. F. T. Allen's original model of the typewriter."

Since it's going to be a couple of weeks before the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the local resurgence of typewriters comes out, I thought we might entertain ourselves and each other by identifying the machines I put out on our dining room table for the photo shoot!

There's nothing fancy in my collection, just a lot of them and not the clearest of images. So your challenge will be to identify them based on what you see.  I'll number 'em so it's easier for you to note which is which in your comments! And I'll post the correct list in a week or so.  Have fun!

p.s. Anyone who gets #25 should impress the heck out of all of us as you haven't much detail to go on!

To get a better view, click on each image to embiggen.


  1. So much fun! I have a guess for all except one. (I'm fairly sure about my guess for 25 though!)

    1. Olivetti Studio 44
    2. Olympia SM3
    3. Smith-Corona Galaxie 10 (Assuming not a 12 since it has a normal carriage)
    4. Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven
    5. Sears Citation
    6. Olivetti Underwood 378
    7. Penncrest Caravelle (Smith-Corona)
    8./12. (I see it down as both!) Royal Quiet De Luxe
    9. Royal Royalite
    10. (I can't tell D: )
    11. Royal Royalite
    12. (I see it down as both!) Royal Quiet De Luxe
    13. Smith-Corona Super Sterling
    14. Remington Quiet-Riter
    15. One of those really late Olivettis?
    16. Royal Quiet De Luxe
    17. Smith-Corona Skyriter
    18. Smith Corona (speedline... Sterling maybe?)
    19. Underwood Universal/Champion
    20. Corona 4
    21. Remington Quiet-Riter
    22. Facit TP1
    23. Smith-Corona Silent
    24. Royal Dart
    25. Olympia Traveller/Traveller De Luxe

  2. Nick is very impressive.

    My guess on #10 is some sort of Brother.

  3. I just enjoyed the Journal Sentinel story. Very nice! The reporter is entertainingly baffled by the whole trend, but she did her homework and produced a story that has more depth than most. You did a great job of representing the typosphere!


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