01 June 2013

Geburtstage Mit Cake!

This is how we add in our house . . . on certain days of the year anyway. Gifts too, but if there isn't cake AND ice cream, it just ain't right. 

We love birthdays here. (Not that we need another excuse to have fun.)  As it happens, my Beloved Spousal Unit and I have Spring birthdays.  Here are this year's entries.

Just like the Stanley Cup, our cakes have their own honor guard.

  Aerial view

Even 'store-boughten' cakes look good when dinos come to party.

Barney's smaller, yet far more intelligent, cousin.

You can tell the party is beginning to take off now.

The Ice Cream has Entered the Building. . . and the crowd goes wild!

* * * * *

My sister Cee is also a Total Birthday Person when it comes to cakes.  This year we celebrated 3 family birthdays on a single day. The Maternal Unit requested a Homemade Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  And brother Architect received his very own, ALL ORGANIC Chocolate and Rasberry layer cake.

Cee calls her creations Carbohydrate Art.  She entertains herself and us with what she makes.

For instance, another of the Stanley Cup Honor Guard.

A 10x10 inch Baseball Cake, complete with stitching.

A cake for a boy who LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Thomas the Train!

One of Cee's more subdued and elegant creations.

But nothing prepared me for this year's creation . . . 

Yes, it's a solar-powered, all-organic (well, mostly), banana-n-chocolate Steampunk Engine Cake!

Aerial View

And now some close-ups!

All the gears, etc. were designed, hand-cut, and assembled by Cee and nephew, Boy2.

When the cake was presented, Boy2 aimed a small laser pen at the solar panels, making the candles rotate on their platform!

Clearly I can grow no older, for how could any other cake top this one?

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