09 April 2013

VIDEO: Rembrandt's Night Watch via Flashmob

[UPDATE: CNN has posted a nice little interactive that explains this painting a bit more.]

Many thanks to Artist/Author James Gurney for highlighting this truly amusing and entertaining video today. Be sure to compare the image above with the final cast picture at the end!
"The slogan 'Our Heroes are Back' is used to announce that, after an absence of one decade, all major pieces in the Rijksmuseum's collection are back where they belong. This is what happens when they suddenly emerge in an unsuspecting shopping mall somewhere in The Netherlands. With the support of main sponsor ING, entrance to the museum is free on the 13th of April from 12:00 to 00:00.

"This Flashmob recreates Rembrandt's Night Watch. It's considered one of the most famous paintings in the world
[from the YouTube description]


  1. Some of those shoppers looked nervous. Spoilsports!

  2. Was it at that point when the ropes came down? I suspect that was the inborn pre-evolutionary rodent response to possible spider attack!

  3. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing :-)


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