09 August 2012

August Time Out

Dear friends,

I am going to be Europeanish and take a brief holiday.  I'll be enjoying a Celtic music festival, canning tomatoes and a variety of fruit jams, and working on my graphic novel project.

Best wishes - See you after Labor Day (a U.S. holiday on 3 Sept this year).


  1. Enjoy! If you happen to drop by the Star Fleet Academy Library, please send our kind regards.

    1. SNERK! CHUCKLIES! Funny to myself on that one! ;-D

    2. Yeah, couldn't resist!

      We're being totally resistant to feeding an inkjet printer. Our letterheads may not be especially artistic.

  2. Having just bought ink yesterday . . . am feeling your pain! (We have a franchise here called Cartridge World that has lower priced refills.) Meanwhile. Have you considered carving your letter head (or sections of it) as your own rubber stamps? Check out this site for info: http://www.ezl.com/~limegr/howcarv.html


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