19 October 2011

An Artist on Art Making

 Artist James Gurney (and friend)
Story of this pic is on his blog here.

Early in 2011 I "hearted" artist James Gurney, painter in the Realist style and author/illustrator of the much beloved Dinotopia books.  I referred to him then as Mr. Whimsy because of his delightful sense of humor and truly childlike joy.  But Mr. Gurney is a serious artist and, fortunately for us, a darn good teacher about what he does.

by James Gurney, in his book Journey to Chandara

by James Gurney, in his book Journey to Chandara

These past few weeks he's had a series of posts on his blog about his one-time work as an illustrator for the movie studio of Ralph Bakshi Productions. Here's the link the to last one which includes the link to the others in the series. This is really splendid stuff. 

 A younger Gurney (left) at work on a background painting.

He talks about the process of making, the camaraderie and often wild antics of his studio mates, and the sense of film making history.  As I said, splendid stuff - read it!

Links to Mr. Gurney's various sites:

His artist website
His blog
The Dinotopia website

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